A “good fit” partner

It is easier to let go of a “good fit” partner than a “bad fit” one.

Search and you will see – the ones that have you ensnared, have shown you many times that they do not put you first. Yet you hope to make the relationship better by draining self.

Those that put you first cannot bear to see you treat them less, and they leave.

It is the ones that bring out the worst in you that are difficult to shake-off. And before you know it, all you see in the mirror is your worst self, making you grateful that the really “bad fit” partner sticks around.

The lucky ones never undermine a “good fit” partner. The lucky ones are few. They do not find meaning in their lives, they are the meaning of life.

If you find a “good fit” partner (your heart always knows), do not let them slip.

Sometimes they come in packages that do not meet external scorecards of desirability, but please for the sake of your life, do not let them go.

– Osasu Oviawe