Today, I was sharing drinks with a colleague when I heard him whisper his full name.

It was fascinating to me. So I asked why he whispered his name. He said it was a way of reminding himself of his values.

I became concerned, as I wondered how sharing drinks was infringing on his values. He laughed and explained that his mind had taken him to a place in his past filled with hurt.

He whispered his name as a reiteration of “never again.”

I am thankful for the gems observation uncovers.

Days like this

Today, I had one of those “all in” work schedules.

I could not take any calls or pause for any chitchat.

I got all tasks I needed to execute completed, but completion did not re-energize me.

Maybe occasional breaks would have helped, but I was so plugged in, a break was unthinkable.

I am thankful that days like this have become less frequent.


Today, I got a call from a friend who has been living in the United Kingdom for some years now.

He has no change in his accent.

I got curious and asked him about his circle of friends. As anticipated, he was basically still living in a Nigerian ecosystem .

We shared jokes about a lot of ways people change when they move into new cultures, and how the change always seems subtle to the individual, but dramatic to the onlooker.

I challenged him to explore connections that diversify his circle a little more. He was not having it.

In his words, “the friends I have bring me so much joy, I am unwilling to experiment with new ones.”

I am thankful for people who are clear on what they don’t need.


Today, I did nothing I had planned, and everything I did not plan.

It started with a phone call I should have ignored, because it rubbed me the wrong way.

I thought a short nap would help me have a reset to my day, but alas, I started dreaming of the things I was trying to avoid.

I decided to get out of bed and address the issues screaming for my attention. Unplanned, but necessary.

Hopefully, I get to catch up on my weekend plans tomorrow.

I am thankful for the possibilities tomorrow brings, even as I try to save the day.


Today, I got stuck in traffic. So I decided to have fun with the child in the car next to me.

I started playing some cartoons on my phone, and turned the screen so that he could watch.

The upside down rainbow that emerged on his face melted my heart.

When the traffic cleared and I was about to move, I waved at him and he waved back. He made the time I was stuck pleasurable.

When you feel like you are going nowhere, find something to give. You will be shocked at the joy that comes back to you.

I am thankful for the random child that made my day.

Guiding light

Today, I stumbled upon a quote that made me smile.

“You should know that when a message you convey to another person is not understood by him, at least one of the following things is true: what you have said is not true, or you have conveyed it without kindness.” – Leo Tolstoy

I am thankful for bite-sized guiding lights that illuminate the path I walk.

Decision fatigue

Today, I experienced decision fatigue.

I have a decision theory which states that ones quality of decisions continues to improve as the number of decisions required increases, until just before you experience decision fatigue, and then ones quality of decisions takes a nose dive.

You can tell when you are about to reach decision fatigue by your unwillingness to ask probing questions to gain more insight for decision making. You just jump straight to “okay” or “let’s review tomorrow” answers.

When you hit decision fatigue, it is best to just unplug for the day, if you can.

Or stick to the “let’s review tomorrow”, which is usually better than an “okay” you will regret. I say “usually better” because delayed decisions are sometimes more costly than wrong decisions.

Which is why I continually work on building agile self-governing teams that consistently exceeds business expectations.

Agile self-governing teams significantly reduce the number of decisions you have to make.

I am thankful for the ability to notice when a fatigue is imminent, and unplug before I lose the day.


Today, I celebrated with my company. 75 years of promoting enjoyment of life.

Most of those who celebrated Day 1, are no longer alive, but I would love to think we continue to build what makes them proud.

From 1 brand and 1 brewery, we have grown to 21 brands and 9 breweries. Talk about exponential growth.

When you brew human connections, people aggregate.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this enviable legacy.


Today, I was reminded of how the eyes can humble the heart.

The heart, through desire, uses anticipation to build castles in the sky.

The eyes let the light in, and ushers in reality. Reality tears down everything without a foundation.

Today, I was shown around a space I have waited 6 months for. I started wondering why it was something I looked forward to.

Sometimes, it is better to truly enjoy where you are, because progress does not necessarily take you into better spaces. But if you’ve enjoyed where you are, at least you will have memories that help to keep you going.

I am thankful for eyes that never deceive me.


Today, I had a lazy day. Books in bed.

I try to take out one day from my weekend to soak up a book, and escape from the anxiety a phone nurtures.

In-between reading, there are moments of deep sleep, sumptuous meals and dance moves in the bathroom.

If you want to, there is enough time to do all you wish to. You just have do it one at a time.

My lazy days are more enriching than my busy days.

I am thankful for life and its riches.