Old teammates

Today, I got a message from a retired teammate.

He was the most stubborn operative on shift, but if you managed to access his buttons, he was the most loyal and committed teammate.

Immediately I saw his message, a smile sneaked up on me, as memories flooded in.

I remembered long night shifts that rolled over into 24-hour shifts, just because I did not want to leave a mess for others.

The older operatives were always so gracious to me, “a young manager,” and they seemed hell-bent on making sure I succeed.

I am thankful for old teammates that held the ladder firmly as I climbed.

Past Emergencies

Today, I woke up to an emergency. A kidnap incident involving colleagues.

When your day starts with an adrenaline rush, you have to be deliberate about restoring balance, or you will find yourself running fast but getting nowhere.

So after establishing the reality, comforting the family, planning contingencies, and communicating to those who needed to know, I unplugged from all devices for 1 hour to get back the day.

Basically, I had to compartmentalise the emergency, and make time for important routine. Because an emergency can have a worse domino effect, if other important considerations are left unattended.

Every emergency prepares you for the next. The way you know you are learning is how easily the decisions required come to you from previous emergencies.

I am thankful for past emergencies, and the lessons learnt.

Needless pain

Today, I intended to have a steam bath, and I ended up with a steam scarring.

I really should give up on some of these things people call pampering.

I recall how I followed advice on getting professional pedicure, and I almost lost a toe with my toe nail.

All grooming going forward will be self-grooming. Too many people feel pain is a true sign of care for the body. I disagree.

I am thankful I have no pressure to bear needless cosmetic pain for any audience.

Fond memories

Today, I remembered my last game of ludo.

Ludo is one game that is equal parts luck and risk.

On the part of luck, getting a six when you roll the dice is a matter of chance. And lady luck can kiss you one moment, yet betray you the next.

On the part of risk, your every step out of home is a battle for survival. You either attack or run like crazy.

I remembered the smile on my lover’s face as she beat me convincingly. There is a strange type of peace I experience when I lose convincingly.

I put a call through to her, and she still carries the bragging right as a badge. We had a good laugh.

I am thankful for fond memories.


Today, I gave a talk on one of my favourite values – courage.

Courage is about walking the unbeaten path, getting bruised by reeds, not being absolutely sure you will reach the desired end, but continuing to walk as long as there is breath in you.

Courage is a value that cannot be faked. When the moment of truth arrives, some sieze it, others hope it passes.

I am thankful for courage, for without it, fear would have long crippled humanity.


Today, I read a quote by James Clear which made me pause and re-read again and again.

“The difference between good and great is often an extra round of revision.

The person who looks things over a second time will appear smarter or more talented, but actually is just polishing things a bit more.

Take the time to get it right. Revise it one extra time.”

There is never a time I review my work that I do not find ways it can be improved. Many times, I also find errors that surprise me.

I am thankful for reminders on important hacks.

Testing capacity

Today, I started dealing with the early stages of the 4th wave at work.

All waves start as a small ripple, and can only be stopped by breaking the ripple.

It is easier to break to a ripple than ride a wave.

Our strategy is simple – overreact early.

I am thankful for testing capacity that has enabled us to detect the ripple early.


Today, I got a note from one of my favorite newsletter plugs – Trevor McKendrick, with a subject – “Should I shut down the newsletter?”

When I read through the email, I understood where he was coming from.

The interesting thing about blogging is that it opens exciting doors. Doors to spaces where the work required seems to expand in ways that limit your writing time.

He is currently going through a phase of overwhelming work required for his new startup.

He asked – “So what should I do? Keep toughing it out? Find something else to talk about that takes less time? Shut it down? Something else?”

My reply was short – “Keep toughing it out. This is the messy middle. The friction you are experiencing will help to sieve out the clutter.”

I am thankful for difficult periods of growth that sharpen focus.


Today, I attended an award show as an anonymous guest.

I have observed some interesting swings in my life.

There was a time I wanted to be a known face. Now I treasure anonymity.

There was a time I wanted to accumulate wealth. Now I seek ways to give.

There was a time I wanted travel the world. Now I prefer not to leave my yard.

It seems the more I achieve what I desire, the clearer it becomes that who I am is all I really need.

I am thankful for progress, and how it points me to back to the start.