A long walk

I took a really long walk today. Longer than I have had to, for quite a while, but it was fun.
I learnt a few things on that walk, but let me share the easily relatable ones.

Firstly, I had company – someone to talk, fight and laugh with, as we progressed.
Secondly, we had a map. It was clear how far we’ve come, how far we still needed to travel and where exactly we were.
Thirdly, we knew where we were headed wasn’t home and that no matter how far we travelled, we would still have to find our way home.

What was even more exciting was that when we got to the distant destination, we did not even go in anymore or savour the experience, we just moved on and had an even longer walk, with a lot more surprises on our journey, than we had anticipated.

We are home now, tired, a little ill, but happy. We know more about the area we live and we still have eachother.

Thank you Bee.

– Osasu Oviawe