Today, I draw the curtain on vuja de.

I started it on January 1, 2021 as a daily gratitude journal.

There were days gratitude came easy, and there were days it seemed impossible. But by finding a reason to be grateful every day, I found meaning in the most unlikely places.

On this last day of gratitude, I felt a little under the weather, yet literally at the last minute, I drew strength to give thanks.

I am thankful for life and the days of possibilities it offers to the willing.

New experiences

Today, I tried out a comedy club show.

I struggled with the idea for some hours, but finally decided to give it a shot.

One of my new commitments is to embrace outdoor activities more.

It was good to see people embrace vulnerability, step up, tell their jokes, and not drop the mic until they had finished their set, with or without applause.

I did not enjoy it, but that is a feature of the adventure of trying new things.

I am thankful for new experiences.

Choices, Crosses and Helpers

Today, I re-read a line from Seth Godin.

“If we ever saw precisely how much freedom of choice we have if we were willing to sacrifice convenience for it, we’d be paralyzed. But if the choices we’re making now aren’t helping us live the way we choose, it might be worth taking a hard look at why.”

To every choice there is a cross. To every cross there is a helper.

Make the choice, take up the cross, and the helper will emerge.

Your current reality is not the only reality. There is always an alternative.

If your current reality serves you, stick to it. If your current reality cages you, you have the key.

I am thankful for choices, crosses and helpers.

A good day

Today, I had a good day.

Beautiful video messages from family, throwback pictures from old friends, and lots of edibles from loved ones.

I always manage not to have a quiet birthday in spite of my best efforts.

Sometimes, it is really not up to you, how you get to be celebrated. I resigned to my fate, and got swept away with all the cheer.

I am thankful for another year of commitment, care and courage.

Welcome home

Today, I finally breathed easy, following the release of my colleagues who were abducted a week ago.

The toll it took on their immediate family was great, but the human spirit is strengthened whenever it is confronted with the unexpected.

I am happy their children will have their fathers tuck them in tonight. I am happy their wives will have the assurance of a cuddle tonight. I am happy they will sleep in a bed tonight.

I am thankful for every welcome home.

Treasured memories

Today, I saw a picture of my mum looking radiant.

I am happy anytime I see a picture of her. Apart from daily mass, her love for pictures is unmistakable. Maybe not so surprising, considering she always looks amazing in them.

I wish I loved taking pictures. I am shockingly uncomfortable with seeing images of myself. I seldom re-watch any recordings of myself, or go through old pictures.

I started a project on making videos every week to get more comfortable with the camera shooting at me. I was relieved when the project was completed.

I understand the power of captured moments, and the memories they encapsulate for posterity.

I am thankful for treasured memories held in pictures.

Moments of joy

Today, I had Christmas rice in three different homes.

If my mum finds out, she will conclude that all my home training has finally left me since I left home.

I could not say no to the cool families that went the extra mile to get me to their homes. Each home reminded me of Christmas in Sapele.

One day I will write about Christmas in Sapele.

Oh, by the way, I moved into my new place today.

I am thankful for the moments of joy this season births.


Today, I woke up bursting with energy.

Nothing about last night’s routine could explain it.

Some days, you just wake up with more energy than you’re usually blessed with. What I have learnt is to enjoy it.

I tuned up the volume of my music player, and danced till I broke a sweat.

There are two things from my childhood that have served me well in every space – dance and laughter.

I am thankful for life, and its many riches.


Today, I had virtual drinks with teammates.

There was so much joy during the video call, I did not notice the passing of time.

Novel nicknames, debates over quiz answers, thoughtful gifts from Secret Santa, and lifting words from team leads. It was a roller coaster of highs.

I am thankful for a team that makes work fun.

The internet

Today, I finished a book by one of my favourite bloggers – Morgan Housel.

I bought this book – The Psychology of Money, already knowing I would be familiar with the content, but I felt obligated to give back to him, for all he has generously shared.

You should visit the platform he blogs on –

I am thankful for the internet, and how it has helped me connect with some profound thinkers.