Spaces and people

Today, I stumbled upon a quote that described a phenomenon I know well, but never quite put it so succinctly.

“It is inevitable if you enter into relations with people on a regular basis…that you will grow to be like them. Place an extinguished piece of coal next to a live one, and either it will cause the other one to die out, or the live one will make the other reignite. … If you consort with someone covered in dirt you can hardly avoid getting a little grimy yourself.” — Epictetus

“Where” and “with whom has defined more success stories than anything else.

I am thankful for the spaces and people that have nurtured me so far.

Cue 144 – History’s Seductive Beliefs

History’s Seductive Beliefs

“A simple rule that’s obvious but easy to ignore is that nothing worth pursuing is free. How could it be otherwise? Everything has a price, and the price is usually proportionate to the potential rewards.

But the price is rarely on a price tag. You don’t pay it with cash. Most things worth pursuing charge their fee in the form of stress, doubt, uncertainty, dealing with quirky people, bureaucracy, other peoples’ conflicting incentives, hassle, nonsense, and general bullshit. That’s the overhead cost of getting ahead.” – Morgan Housel

The ungrateful

I have been blessed with a healthy number of ungrateful people in my life. Ingratitude has never stopped me from doing what I think is right for those in my care.

The insight I received over these past few weeks is how loose the boundary of my circle is. How people step in and out at will, exploiting my bias for responsibility. Many getting away with things even I cannot speak of.

I have decided to clearly mark my circle, and be intentional about those I keep out.

The ungrateful is the enemy within. Better to keep them out.

– Osasu Oviawe

A promise kept

Today, I kept my promise to some kids that have become my buddies.

We were supposed hangout at an ice cream parlor last weekend, but I was occupied. This weekend was even more packed, but I found a way.

Not keeping my word is a burden too great for me to bear.

I am thankful that my day was made lighter by a promise kept.

Random thoughts on a Saturday walk

Some see their chains and use it, some see their chains and surrender to it, some see their chains and struggle with it, some do not see their chains and say they are free.

If you are uncomfortable with being bored, you will get into more trouble than you can handle.

Praise and blame are two sides of a coin. If you hold the coin, accept whichever side turns up.

Space sets the limit on how much you can grow. Be intentional about the spaces you choose.

One thing that can be learnt from history is that no one is infallible.

Even those ahead of their peers are subject to peer pressure.

Walking is the oldest pilgrimage.

Your vocabulary is your reality.

– Osasu Oviawe

Some days

“Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.”

I stumbled on the above quote this week. Still researching who it is attributed to.

It is another example of a simple, yet profound thought.

Important to realise that when you’re the pigeon, you’re pooping on quite a few statues. And when you’re the statue, remember that the poop you’re getting will pass.

– Osasu Oviawe

Unusual reminder

Today, I almost forgot to write my daily reflection.

I got distracted by the many commitments on my plate.

I only remembered as I was filtering through the highlights of my day for this gratitude journal.

I am thankful for this unusual reminder.

Future shapers

Today, I woke up to find I was tagged in a post by Fate Foundation as one of its mentors.

I shy away from social media publicity, but seeing it made me feel good.

The real super heroes are the mentees, braving the macro and micro economic environment, to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Last year, my mentee (Nkechi Idinmachi of Machi Foods) was one of five winners of the Orange Corners Innovation Fund, and only female of the five.

This year, we go again.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share and grow spaces with future shapers.

Pass the baton

The more clueless you are at the start of a journey, the more beautiful the story at the end.

Cluelessness is not a limitation.

The harder anything is in the moment, the more rewarding it feels when it is done.

Don’t let “hard” stop you.

The end of anything is the beginning of another.

Pass the baton.

– Osasu Oviawe

This moment

Today, I visited Facebook and was reminded of a post I made on this day in 2014 –

“I’ve made alota really poor choices, and some truly remarkable ones. The poor ones keep me humble, and the remarkable ones keep me hopeful.”

Some of the poor choices I was thinking about in the post, turned out to be remarkable, and some of the remarkable ones turned out otherwise.

If you live long enough, peaks and valleys merge into a flux. Celebrate both, because you never know.

I am thankful for life in this moment. Everything before now perfectly designed it for me.