There is a phenomenon I have observed with my toothpaste and cream.

When it is about to run out, if I have no spare, no matter how little I use, it runs out faster.

However, if I have a spare, no matter how generous I am with use, it takes its jolly good time before it ever runs out.

When I don’t have a spare, anxiety takes over and accelerates my perception of reality.

When I have a spare, desire takes over and slows down my perception of reality.

This is why a scarcity mindset always makes you feel like time is against you, and an abundance mindset makes you feel like time is on your side.

…and your feelings from your perception are your reality.

– Osasu Oviawe


There is a choice we make in every engagement – be selfish or be kind.

A selfish choice is indicative of fear that has been molded through a scarcity mindset.

A kind choice is indicative of love that has been molded through an abundance mindset.

Humans are predisposed to making the selfish choice.

The only way to hack it is with an understanding that the greatest good you can do for yourself is a common good for all.

That understanding requires a practice of generosity in engagement.

– Osasu Oviawe


I dread a call from my mum on Sunday if I did not attend Mass.

I would get the full length of her tongue and some more.

It does not matter how much gist I offer. The question must come, “Did you attend mass today?”

Even if I say there was a shooting at church, it will not pacify her.

In this aspect of my life, she has not stopped probing and guiding with intent. It makes me uncomfortable in the moment but grateful in the long run for her care.

When my children read this, they will know where I got the behaviour.

We are spiritual beings. Making an effort to connect with our spirituality is an investment that never fails to return reward.

– Osasu Oviawe


Like a child will go sit beside an angry parent – observing and waiting for them to reveal their beauty again.

Sit with your storm. Observe all parts of it.

Within it lies parts of you unexplored.

When those parts are revealed, the calm will return.

Until then, sit with your storm.

– Osasu Oviawe


Any aspect of life that is continually flourishing gets no attention.

Any aspect of life that continually withers gets all attention.

It is no surprise that death is certain.

Attention is an elixir guaranteed to nurture the object of its gaze.

A joyful life is one in which attention is fed to what continually flourishes as a priority.

– Osasu Oviawe


We do not choose the memories that stay faithful to us through the years.

The memories choose us and then shape us.

We are unconscious partakers in the building of memories, then become conscious inhabitants within its walls.

Memory reinforces values.

You choose your values, and they form the design elements of memory.

Choose the values that make memory your servant, not your ruler.

– Osasu Oviawe