If you have any reason to distrust, follow your gut and check. Do not dismiss it.

Checking is not an element of distrust, it is checking.

Trust, but verify – Russian proverb.

Even in high trust relationships, checking occurs.

In fact, only those who do not care do not check.

I am yet to see a process or relationship that improves without checking.

If you check, you will learn and act.

Maybe your distrust was just a nudge to check. A nudge telling you that you are showing less care. A self-call to get more involved.

Maybe your distrust is confirmed by your check. At least you can act early and rebuild trust, before it bears its fruits of fear and hiding.

Maybe your distrust becomes an opportunity to solidify trust from your check. There is a different kind of confidence that comes from knowing you have checked.

However it might play out, check.

– Osasu Oviawe