Mannequin KPIs

If a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requires a complex process to turn input to output, it is a mannequin KPI.

Mannequin KPIs are nice for PowerPoint presentations, but meaningless to Shopfloor operatives that are supposed to drive them.

You can tell mannequin KPIs from the complex language used to describe how they are computed. Built to impress the uninitiated and useless at the point it really matters – the Shopfloor.

A lot of financial KPIs are mannequin KPIs. They can be adapted to any desires, in a complex series of processes with very hazy connection to real activities on ground.

This is why only 1 KPI catches my eye in companies – “What leaves the gate?”

What leaves the gate for delivery?

What leaves the gate as waste?

– Osasu Oviawe