What if I do not fail?

I read a tweet storm by Victor Asemota where he opined – “What if I don’t fail?” is sometimes more frightening than “What if I fail?”

It got me thinking about the “what if” I ask myself by default and I realised, almost always, it is – “What if I fail?” I assume that is the worst case scenario and I try to hedge my choices against failure. Self preservation.

However, more often than not, I succeed. And I find out that I was more prepared for failure than for success. Maybe the hedging is what brought success. Maybe I could have reached greater heights if I prepared for success, instead of failure. I will never know.

Maybe this is why we become experts in “Root cause failure analysis” and remain neophytes at “Root cause success analysis”.

Going forward, I will consciously ask myself – “What if I don’t fail?” Or “What if I succeed?” And I will analyse my successes to understand why?

– Osasu Oviawe