Public speaking

Great public speaking is just great gossiping.

To improve your public speaking, study gossiping.

You do not have to be an unrepentant gossip to be a great public speaker, but you need to understand the attributes of gossiping and apply them, to be a great public speaker.

I know gossiping has metamorphosed into having a negative connotation, however it remains one of the most powerful social tools of mankind.

To improve your public speaking, imagine that you’re gossiping to the crowd about the topic.

There will be facts and anecdotes.

There will be tone modulation dependent on what is being said – a secret or defeat will be in a hushed tone and a victory will be in a boisterous tone.

There will be feedback from the group and you will connect that feedback to the theme of the gossip. Basically, everyone in the group will either be part of the gossip or isolated. Humans don’t like being isolated.

There will be banter – popular and refreshing. There is no good gossip without laughter and claps.

There will be focus of the speaker on the least threatening people. The least threatening people give priceless cues on pacing, because they are less sophisticated in masking emotions.

There will be no end to the conversation – everyone will leave with a feeling of there is more to explore on this topic.

– Osasu Oviawe