A beautiful lady

I read a poem last night about a beautiful lady that had a lover, but no love. She was never alone, but no one was lonelier. She had a better idea of what her life would be at a much younger age, but time has a way of blurring vision. The older she got, the more confusing her purpose. She finally settled to a life of building her partner’s dream, but it was such a small dream, with neither spark nor magic. She got excited at the thought of death, but was too unsure of the life after.

Today that beautiful lady is in lust, and oh what a better feeling that is, compared to nothing. Basking in adultery is wrong, but it felt better than nothing. Nature abhors vacuum and so does a woman. She will fill her heart with anything but nothing. Her heart would rather get filled with love because hate is too destructive. However, lust has its short term uses.

Tomorrow she will confess to her husband because he is after all, a good man, but still keep the memories of sin guarded in her smile.

– Osasu Oviawe

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