Monopoly – great for business, not so great for the consumer. Consumers know this, they hate the word.

Ideologies need critical mass. Consumers are a critical mass. Capitalists know this, they flee from the word.

Logical move.

Competitive advantage, blue ocean strategy, margin of safety, pioneering, market leadership, first mover, differentiation, innovation. These and the likes are elixirs of monopoly.

Space is scalable. Great businesses know that the trick is to find a space, protect the space and have the guts to move on to another space, when that space gets too competitive.

Businesses and markets obey the same rules as life partners. It is draining to be constantly competing for your place. The catch phrase should not be “compete or die” but “compete and die”.

The most popular board game on business is aptly called Monopoly.

Monopoly, the taboo word in capitalism.

Monopoly, the end game of capitalism.

– Osasu Oviawe

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