Ladders are required when you need to reach heights that are unreachable from your present level.

Ladders come in different lengths, shapes and sizes.

A ladder is intended for use by one person at a time. No tagalongs allowed.

Ladders are not a racecourse. No need to compete on the speed of climbing or place bets based on past successful climbs.

You should be centered between the rails and maintain a 3-point, preferably 4-point (all limbs) contact with the rungs. You cannot just stroll up hands in pocket.

Try not to climb up a ladder using the side rails, you might slide off. Use the rungs.

Your ladder-base should not be too far or too close to the supporting wall. 70-degree-angle is advised.

Independent of the height you want to reach, you will need people to hold your ladder-base secure. While climbing, check on these people often, because dirt from your feet might befall them and in some cases, if they are looking up to you, the dirt might blind their sight. You need them to stand firm on your way up and on your way down. Check on their welfare often.

Check your ladder regularly for visible defects. Never get too comfortable, it is a ladder.

Your ladder should be fixed on firm foundations, not shifting ground or moveable objects.

You must take care when getting on or off the ladder at the upper level, in order to avoid tipping your ladder over sideways or causing your ladder-base to slide out.

The main risk with using up a ladder is falling. Common causes of falls include –
1. Ladder not properly secured at the bottom or at the top.
2. User overreaching.
3. User executing disproportionately heavy tasks.
4. Strong winds.
5. Intentional or unintentional action by a third party.

There are alternatives to ladders and alternative ladders.

Whatever your choice, make sure that where you are headed is worth the exertion.

Please read the article again, this time, replace the words ladder with career; rails with cliques; rungs with job-at-hand; ladder-base with character; supporting wall with organization; 70-degree-angle with alignment; dirt with unintended circumstances; firm foundations with values; winds with competition.

– Osasu Oviawe

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