A second look

A guy walking down the street, meets a girl along the way, says hey, and if he’s lucky, she hesitates in her haste. After a couple of random pleasantries, they part ways. He stops, looks back and prays she does the same. She turns, bingo, a second look, she cares.

A child is quiet in a corner of the house, the parents are chatting about their day and suddenly realize they are not being bothered by a familiar noise or having to correct anyone. They hurry to see what the child is up to, reach there and find him building with Legos. One says hi and walks away, the other, gives a second look and asks, “What are you building sweetheart?” She cares.

The final goodnights are said and everyone has retired to bed. The lights have been put out and silence now falls upon the house. A few hours later, dad gets out of bed and checks that each child is well tucked in. He takes a walk around the house and checks that all perimeter lights are on, and that all unrequired appliances are truly turned off. Lastly, a second look at the kids to ensure no bed is upside down, yet. He cares.

You’ve decided to buy a particular car. Now at every turn, you see the exact brand driving by. You’ve got the Blue Car Syndrome. You do not have more of the car you desire around you, you are just giving them a second look and doubling the register in your brain. You care.

A supervisor asked an operative to execute a task, the operative comes back and says, “Done”. She replies, “Thank you; please show me”. She takes a second look, and uses the output of execution to reinforce praise or coaching. She cares.

Planning and Doing are great, but sustainability lies in Check – the second look. If you care to check, you will care to act.

A second look is a signal for care.

– Osasu Oviawe

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