Creators do not create form from nothing. They use the known, the obvious, the available, the dismissible.

It is through creation that the creator reveals and thus, knows self.

Phase 1 – Enlightenment
Creation starts with enlightenment. Nothing at the start tells you the path that will be best, but to start, you must see. And to see, there must be light. Let there be light.
Read, engage, travel, question, learn, grow, challenge, be curious, be present.
Shine a light on all that is around you and let the shadows guide you to parts unexplored.

Phase 2 – Space
Create space, space is required. Space can only be created by the distinguishing of parts.
Sort what is available – the highs from the lows.
Understand the connection, the oneness and renewal pattern.

Phase 3 – Foundations
Set a firm foundation – your values. Separate the fluid from the solid. The flexible from the rigid. Aspects that can be adapted to changing times and your anchors.
Beware, the fluid was here before the solid, it will be here after, raise and shield the solid.
Seek and nurture idea generators, idea shapers, idea completers, idea sellers, idea keepers, idea prompters.

Phase 4 – Markers
Set markers of time and markers of the times.
Markers that are a steady source of enlightenment and those that hold through the dark times.
Markers are signals. They indicate when you are in the light – act, or you are in the dark – react.

Phase 5 – Antifragile
Create products that are adapted to flexibility, products adapted to variability, products that are antifragile. Products that can survive in the space that exists and existed. Products that are dependent on, and independent of, values.
Start with simplicity in mind. Easy to start, easy to scale, easy to replicate, hard to fail. Start here, Start now.

Phase 6 – Handover
Create products that are fixed on firm ground – your values.
In the same breath, develop your successor, take counsel.
Handover possession, retain ownership.

Phase 7 – Refresh
Hit refresh. Free self.

In each phase, do not be burdened by perfection, good is good enough. Keep moving.

You will understand the journey, when it is complete. Live the journey.

Inspired by Creation as described in Genesis.

– Osasu Oviawe

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