Head First

We come into the world head first. If we test the conditions of the world with our hands or feet, we create a problem. We enter head first, with no assurances.


But how does a baby know to come out head first? Simple answer, it doesn’t, it just goes with the flow. It does not question why it has to shift positions, why it has to be born, why it has to disconnect from the comfort of the womb, it just accepts and aligns to what is.


As we grow, our heads become the reason we never breakthrough to new experiences. We become conditioned into believing that to have a greater likelihood of survival, no harm must come to our head. So we test the water before a bath with our hands, we test the pool before a swim with our feet. Wise approaches, but debatable when it comes to life decisions.


Some might ask – “What role does the heart play in all of this?” Well, the things we romanticize about the heart, are actually just a part of the brain, which is a subset of the head.


The head contains all basic five senses and even the sixth, seventh and any other sense you choose to believe in.


Life is not a test game, it’s a live game. No opportunities to start over, just opportunities to act better. Since we cannot start over, it makes sense that the last part of us we risk, is our head. But life has and continues to disproportionately reward those that risk going head first. Going head first is not a mindless, unconscious act of abandon, but a “mind-free”, conscious act of connection.


Life always tries to help us grow or access a greater existence, but we fight anything and everything that takes us out of our comfort zone, including life. We try new things from a safe and dark spot, yet fight to avoid ending up in a safe and dark spot.


If your head never ventures out, how do you see the light?


What is true for the self, is true for the Organisation.


Try living head first. You will understand the why, looking backwards and hone the how, being present.

– Osasu Oviawe

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