Till then

Friend: Osasu, why don’t you write anymore?
Me: I do.
Friend: Why don’t I see it anymore?
Me: I stopped sharing it on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Friend: So where can I read it?
Me: http://www.zazparelli.blogspot.com
Friend: Please keep it simple. Share on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Me: Why?
Friend: Cos I can’t remember the blog name always.
Me: Aha.
Friend: Aha, what?
Me: That is the reason I am working on a new blog, with a memorable name. But while I am working on it, I do not want to be limited in what I write.
Friend: Since when did sharing on LinkedIn limit you?
Me: Since I started explaining why my not sharing on LinkedIn doesn’t matter.
Friend: So when will I see the new blog.
Me: When it is almost ready.
Friend: Till then?
Me: Till then.

– Osasu Oviawe

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