Embrace life

The beauty of life is in its volatility, uncertainty,  complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

You never know what is around the corner or heading straight at you. If you journal your decision making, intended outcomes and actual outcomes, you will be amazed at how stupid it is to be certain.

Yes, you can prepare for a desired future with all conceivable scenarios, yet still meet many surprises that can change that desire.

Yes, you can execute a pre-mortem, but still manage to fill the journey with innate biases.

Yes, you can learn from the experience of others, but you can never be shielded from your mistakes. Others need you to make mistakes, so that they learn from you too, or more likely, so that they can use your mistakes as ice breakers.

Times of VUCA are trying, but if you endure, you will define the times.

VUCA is awesome, it helps us unlearn, learn and relearn. It is a refresh button. Embrace it.

– Osasu Oviawe

One thought on “Embrace life

  1. Very true. No matter how you learn from other mistakes, we can never be shielded from ours… This is one of the realest thing I've heard this week. thank you for writing this.

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