An email that helped

Dear Team,

There are 2 rhythms that can be created in a production setting:
  1. High performance.
  2. Explainable performance.

Whatever you choose, everything works to help that choice. 

Please choose high performance.

There is no production outfit that has all resources perfect. Everybody adapts to drive high performance, daily.

We do not have a perfect combination of ideal product, one SKU, no external outages, consistent material quality, all machines in basic conditions, no bad weather, Formula 1 forklifts, no audits, self-governing operatives, exquisite infrastructure, no boss.

We have challenges in critical areas but we also have you. These challenges are part of your preparation for whatever the future brings.

We need to choose a high performance rhythm and ensure our various teams dance to it.

We have had several days of explaining, it is time to switch gears.

Today’s performance will provide insight into your choice.

With Joy,
Osasu Oviawe

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