Life’s Triptych

Life’s Triptych – Birth=======Journey=======Death

There is only one frame in which every human is presented with no choice – birth. This is why all circumstances and people that surround your birth must be treasured. It is the one thing that is perfect and complete, because we could not screw up it up with our choices.

When the journey starts, we begin to taint our completeness by focusing on the gap between reality and desire. We go through life as perfect beings seeking areas we are incomplete, daily. The seeds of incompleteness grow to produce fruits of unhappiness, which hold more seeds of incompleteness.

Then death arrives – a choice to some, a gift to few, too soon to many. It comes to finish the perfectly incomplete journey we have fashioned from a perfectly complete start, and create space for a breath of fresh air.

If only in life’s triptych, we can see, that from birth to death, all we are, is perfect and complete for our time, space, magnitude and direction.

– Osasu Oviawe

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