WhatsApp Groups

If there is anything WhatsApp groups have taught me, it is this – most people stay because they think people care if they leave.

It is the ultimate guilt tripping.

They do not contribute or take anything away from chats, but they stay.
The group chats become a distraction, draining their batteries and data, but they stay.
They are indifferent, but they stay.

Those that finally leave, either no longer care what the crowd thinks or they want the crowd to know they’ve had enough.

Interestingly, after you leave, you realise, most people in the group didn’t really care after all. Most people in the group are like you, they want to leave too, but they think people care.

Same thing applies in a lot of relationships. Most people stay because they think people care if they leave.

They are emotionally and mentally absent, but they stay physically present.

Some of my best decisions have been leaving WhatsApp groups early. Just immediately after I was added. It saves me and many others, headspace.

Same applies to my relationships.

Early exits from relationships I did not choose, save me and others more, than waiting to see how it turns out.

– Osasu Oviawe

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