Continual improvement

In process management, there are control limits (the band within which processes are under control), tolerance limits (a band outside control limits, but allowable as a margin of error) and continual improvement (the need to narrow the band of deviations from the mean).

The consistency of your output,l is dependent on the trend of your processes within and around your control and tolerance limits.

In each human life, there are control limits, tolerance limits and continual improvement.

We gravitate towards people, choices and chances we can control.
We tolerate people, choices and chances on the outer edge of our control.
We work on improving our circumstances for predictable people, choices and chances that are more under our control.

Who we are, is dependent on what we consistently do, within our control limits and tolerance limits.
Continual improvement helps us to pay attention to and use the lessons VUCA teaches us.

– Osasu Oviawe

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