Long term investing

Long term investing is hard, because we have been conditioned for eons, to eat our full now and let tomorrow worry for itself.

One strategy that has worked for me is to stop checking my seeds daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.
I plant and check back in a minimum of 1 year.

A yearly planned check reduces my anxiety and helps me make investment choices that I expect to be worth checking after 1 year.

Have I lost money? Yes. Have I lost sleep? No.

With long term investing you are acting on a faith that you will be here. Planting seeds now, for a shade, a view and some fruits tomorrow.
If tomorrow comes, you are better prepared. If it doesn’t, you are better prepared. Win-Win.

What I have seen, is that we are prone to act when we check. If we reduce our frequency of checking, we reduce our frequency of acting. The difference between short and long term investing for me, is hinged on the frequency of checking.

– Osasu Oviawe

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