Wake up alarms

Alarms are designed to make us feel alarmed (frightened, worried, concerned, scared, disturbed, panicky or in danger).

I have studied my sleep pattern and realised that wake up alarms give me an unnecessary anxiety. The alarm never comes on at the perfect time.

I basically set my alarm to meet other people’s expectations, not allowing my body to go through its complete cycle of rejuvenation.

Today, it stops. No more wake up alarms.

My body will rest and be attuned to a waking time that is in sync with every part of me.

This will mean I have to also sleep early. No needless late nights.

I will try it out for one month and pay attention to the results, using my energy levels immediately after wake up time as a metric.

I will share the results in the future.

– Osasu Oviawe

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