Once bitten, twice shy

Trust is fragile. Once lost, it takes twice the effort to get it back and even that effort, comes with no guarantee of results.

Trust is the currency of all relationships. Daily, we are either building trust or destroying it. Daily, we are either building or destroying relationships – as an organisation or as an individual.

At the core of trust is integrity (from the Latin word integer, which stands for whole).

Interestingly, trust is not dependent on judgment of good or bad, it is dependent on the predictability of outcomes from a relationship. To predict, a degree of consistency (integrity) is required.

Integrity as used here is not same as honesty. There are dishonest people that are trusted to be dishonest, and the predictability of their dishonesty is used to build a relationship. Integrity as used here refers on consistency.

Where you are consistent, you build trust.

Where you are inconsistent, you destroy trust.

– Osasu Oviawe