Honor your parents

Sirach 3:2-7, 12-14
For the Lord honored the father above the children, and he confirmed the right of the mother over her sons. Whoever honors his father atones for sins, and whoever glorifies his mother is like one who lays up treasure. Whoever honors his father will be gladdened by his own children, and when he prays he will be heard. Whoever glorifies his father will have long life, and whoever obeys the Lord will refresh his mother; he will serve his parents as his masters. O son, help your father in his old age, and do not grieve him as long as he lives; even if he is lacking in understanding, show forbearance; in all your strength do not despise him. For kindness to a father will not be forgotten, and against your sins it will be credited to you.


Honor your parents while they are alive.
As you grow and begin to see their human failings, engage them with compassion.
Carry them along on your losses, and your victories.
Trust them to help, and come to their aid without delay.
Do not wait until they have passed before you honour them. Of what use is that to them?
It might not seem so, but as the days go, the years go.
Pray for them, bless them, visit them.
Take pictures, make memories.
You are a blessing to them. Live it.

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