Some things to remember

Love all, trust one.

Life is an old lady. Connect accordingly.

Never underestimate a desperate person.

Remember that if you are not trained, even if you can swim, don’t try to save a drowning man.

Give people the opportunity to find their role in your upliftment.

A career is a roller coaster. No matter the ride, everyone gets back to the start – Human Resources.

Those who speak up for you in rooms you cannot be, cannot contain their excitement when they see you win.

Money gives you leverage.
Hierarchical positioning gives you leverage.
To shape society, leverage matters.
You are a shaper.

Never sell yourself short with imposter syndrome.
You deserve all that comes from all you give.

People complain when you’re cheated and then complain louder when you’re rewarded.
Complaining is a feature of humans.

If you live long enough, you will swing from hero to villain and back.
Enjoy the swing, ends are transient.

Friends are few. One stands true.

– Osasu Oviawe

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