Today, I reflected on the words of a loose talker in a burial I attended yesterday.

He said, “Why is it that eulogies always talk about the good of the person, never the bad?”
Everyone took his question as rhetorical, and no one dignified it with a response.

I have thought about it a little, and I found that eulogies do not really judge good or bad, but find meaning in every action.

Maybe that is what we should be doing in daily living. Instead of continually judging others and labeling them good or bad, maybe taking a second to find meaning is of greater value.

A person that everyone ran away from because of an attribute, will be missed for that same attribute.

It might be wiser to create a space to make people express themselves fully, without judgment, so that when they are gone, our understanding will be complete.

I am thankful for those that ignore the judgment of good or bad, and live full lives.

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