I hear you, I see you, I value you

Today, I decided to pull out of an emerging blame game.

I had an omission in communication, and the first feedback I received was – “You are acting in ways you critic, and going on without missing a beat.” My usual reaction would have been, “At least now you now know how it feels, especially as you are quite dismissive when I point out your omissions.”

This time, I just replied with – “I am sorry. How do I make amends?”

It stopped the heated exchange of blame and hurt in its tracks. It shifted the conversation from being right to focusing on how to right the situation. It was a statement that said – I hear you, I see you, I value you. This makes a difference in every engagement.

A day that would have turned sour rolled on rather smoothly.

I am thankful for the ability to shift ego to the side, and see the person in front of me, calling out to be heard and valued.

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