The truth

The truth might bring you peace internally and still cause a storm externally.

It is no wonder there is more posturing than truth in the world.

If you measure your life by how you measure up against the expectations of others, the truth might hurt you more than you can bear.

When you hear – “The truth will set you free”, it is an internal liberation. It does not guarantee an external liberation.

Those who choose the truth suffer great persecution externally, but they keep going, because the measure of their life is internal.

Those who do not choose the truth prioritise external calm over internal peace.

There is a lot of talk on “What is true?”
It is a way of saying the truth is either illusory or relative.

Every human knows the truth of their being. The illusion or relativity is the mask they use to hide it.

The truth is real and ever-present. While it offers peace internally, it might trigger discomfort externally.

Your choice of truth or not is usually dependent on your present priorities.

– Osasu Oviawe

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