Today, I had a long chat with my mum on various aspects of life and living.

A chat in which I only asked questions and took notes on her views.

It was something I wish I did a little more with my dad before his passing. My dad and I talked a lot, but he was the one doing most of the listening, and I, most of the talking.

Since I left home for University, I have been rather independent in my choices and chances. Mostly rebellious to instructions. Always wanting to find things out myself. It has led to disproportionate wins, but also crushing losses.

Through the conversation, I realized how far I have come in some aspects and how far I have strayed in others.

No conversation with my mum can end without a check on my regularity with mass, communion and confession. I never lie about my state of grace, and as usual, I got some knocks on my spiritual life.

I am thankful for my parents and their selfless love. I am, because they let me be.

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