Today, I reminisced on my university days, and the friends who act as anchors to treasured memories.

I am not in touch with most of my friends from those days, but anytime we connect, there’s lots of joy.

We were so sure about many things. We were so wrong about many things. But we were right about one thing – whenever you can, dance. It is a unique expression of freedom, and a way of connecting to the child in you.

I think I did all my dancing in university. These days I talk more in parties than I ever do any real dancing.
I sometimes joke that maybe I danced more in school because I could not afford drinks that would have made me sit.

I remember Frank, Patrick, Dayo, Lekan, Eddie, Obi, Nicholas, Emma, Ovwigho, Peter, Akpuzo, Hamzy, Alex, Bukky, Omuwa, Debbie, Imuetinyan, Amen, Ose, Ibhade, E-Hi, and the list goes on and on and on…

One day I will write about each of my friends. Maybe that will be my project for 2022 – A day for each friend. We’ll see.

I am thankful for the memories that light up my face and brighten my day.

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