The human spirit

Today, I took an inventory of the young people I know in Nigeria who are 30 and below. It was sobering.

The lack of opportunities and the sheer grit it takes to keep going is undesirable.

The next generation will be inclined to get rich quick schemes, because their capital base is so small. Anything that promises geometric growth will naturally be embraced.

A lot of them are entrepreneurial, not by choice, but by a lack of choice. Entrepreneurship is typically a high risk game, but in Nigeria it is a tortuous game.

I respect the youngins that follow their passions and do so many side gigs to afford something to show on social media.

We need to build a better sociopolitical environment for our young. It is the least we can do. I am on it.

I am thankful for the human spirit that never gives up on the possibility of victory. It is best seen in youth.

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