Veil of calm

Today, I decided to have a long walk with a teammate that has been distracted at work. Whenever I ask what is wrong, he always goes, “All is well.” Long walks have a way of making people drop the load on their shoulders, so I used it.

The personal battles people fight are incredible, especially when help is available if they only ask.

I had to reflect upon my own life, looking for areas in which I am struggling and not asking for help. I also noted the people I can talk to and get objective advice.

We sometimes have a romantic relationship with our pain. Just like people have to pinch themselves to check if they are dreaming or awake, people accept a lot of needless pain as proof of life.

I showed him the possibilities that exist and offered him time-off to clarify and re-prioritize. He did not need either. He already knew the solutions, he just needed a nudge.

I am thankful for the people in my life who see through the veil of calm and call out my discomforts for immediate redress.

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