Today, I was at an eatery to follow through on a guilty pleasure.

Standing in line, I heard the most popular question at any POS post in Naija – “Current or Savings?”

The two lovebirds in front of me, who had obviously not yet experienced cheating in their relationship, were so caught up in each other, the lady serving them had to blurt out again in annoyance – “Current or Savings?”

The reply from the female lovebird was what shocked me. She said, “Current of course. My man is rich.” To which they both giggled.

Until that moment I did not realise people who say “Savings” are perceived as poor. Thinking back now, I realise how many times people by default choose the current account option for me and I have to correct them.

I sometimes wonder why all POS machines do not just default to the required account like some do.

But back to “Current or Savings?” It is instructive that in a society such as ours, a savings account is perceived as attributable to poverty and a current account (aka expenses account) is attributable to wealth.

For the longest time, I never used a current account. I just hated the needless fees. All payments to me, including salaries, were through my savings account. I started using my current account when my bank made it clear I could not do some international transactions through my savings account. I grudgingly obliged.

For a current account to be seen as a symbol of wealth is a strong signal of a unique mindset. I do not want to qualify the mindset because it will be demeaning.

I am thankful that I do not have a mindset that equates expenses to wealth.

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