Today, I reminisced on the day I travelled abroad on an international assignment some years back.

Nothing about my check-in and boarding was memorable. I cannot even remember what that trip was like, but I remember a particular aspect of that trip vividly.

I had already checked-in my bags and gone through immigration. Strolling through the waiting lounge to board my flight, I got a call from my dad. He had arrived slightly late to the airport, and he wanted to see me. I was surprised he even came to the airport. I told him I was about boarding and it would be too much trouble to come back out. So he said a short prayer with me and wished me a safe trip.

Then another call came in from my girlfriend. She was my eyes on the other side and she saw the body language of my dad as he said goodbye on the phone. She could not let it slide, so she called me and told me to do all within my power to come out and say a proper goodbye to my dad.

I came back out, after tipping and arguing with different officials. I had a hearty chat with my dad, hugged him and said a proper goodbye. He was delighted. This moment was one of the memories that came to mind at his passing some years later. I am one of those lucky people that had a really cool dad.

There is a lot you cannot tell on a phone call. If you can, whenever you can, make sure you can, make the effort to see those you care about.

I am thankful for eyes that help me see, when my own fail me.

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