Learning spaces

Today, I had a chat with one of my mentors. A man ahead of his time, yet in tune with the times.

We talked about everything – family, work, investments, politics, health, and everything in-between.

I learnt more in our 1 hour conversation than I could ever pay for. He said something quite profound – “Osasu, you are only free in spaces where shame does not thrive. Such spaces promote learning. Create such spaces.”

I once volunteered to pay him for professional coaching, as a nudge for him to take what he does seriously and earn from it. He is not inclined to it. He believes there are parts of him that must never be valued in money.

I have a different view. I believe price and value are two different things, and that putting a price tag on a service does not necessarily equate to the value of the service.

Interestingly, the areas we disagree are the areas of our strongest bond.

I am thankful for spaces I am free to be me without shame.

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