Oceans are salty. They receive wash-offs from land and air without complaining, ensuring that the cycle of life is complete. The cracks within them are hidden deep. Smaller parts of them called seas still cause humankind to marvel. Strength so great – slamming shores with great force, yet foam is so light – here now, only for a moment. It encroaches or retreats based on remote forces on the moon. An amazing wonder in its vastness and depth.

I have found this to sometimes be true in people characterized as salty. It is a defensive mechanism to limit the amount of crap they have to deal with in daily living, creating space for what truly matters to them. When they let you in, you find a beauty so well nurtured, you begin to understand their defenses.

There is beauty without necessarily being salty, but without variety, life would be rather bland.

– Osasu Oviawe

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