Today, I had my first Nigerian train ride, and it was filled with surprises.

Check-in staff overtly soliciting a tip for being there.

Digital check-in.

A rush to queue for boarding.

No escalators, so those carrying heavy luggage needed to be helped by eager youths available for baggage movement up and down flights of stairs.

Delayed take-off, with no reason provided.

Passengers speaking loudly, and sharing otherwise private conversations publicly.

Digital re-confirmation of tickets on-board.

Another rush to unboard at our destination.

Pleasurable train ride. Comfortable seats, with functional air-conditioning and working recharge points.

I couldn’t help but compare it to the setup abroad. Still some way to go in timing and technology, but quite some distance already covered in the right direction.

I am thankful for areas of progress in a country with so much uncertainty.

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