No life is a straight line between desire and fulfilment.

There are detours, delays and setbacks.
There is inertia, entropy and friction.

Your expectations can only be met if you are willing to also accept the unexpected.

Those who succeed, find a way to generate the required activation energy to keep going.

Unfortunately, success in itself blurs the journey, so the tradeoffs along the way cannot be fully shared by the successful.
And our survivorship bias will not allow us listen to the failures, who are typically more insightful.

Whatever the multiverse places in your heart is achievable, but it will require unplanned tradeoffs.

Before you envy the successful, assess whether you can make all tradeoffs.

Few people ever get to envy Jesus Christ, because early Christians ensured that his tradeoff was the most predominant symbol of his being – the crucifixion.

I believe people would be more content if the tradeoffs of people they envy are more obvious, instead of the power, influence or wealth.

– Osasu Oviawe

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