Never giving up

Today, I read a blog post from Subomi Plumptre titled – “Why I gave up on Nigeria”.

It summed up the state of resignation many people feel in a country I call home.

My roommate in University who was studying for medicine had lofty dreams of one day being President. He had his inauguration speech written, and he was consciously being a “good boy”, because no president should have a speck in their past. The year he set as a target was 2023. Today, he is in the United Kingdom, practicing medicine. I chatted with him some weeks back, just to remind him of his commitment. His response – “Let the country lead itself!”

I love this country. I have lived in the North, South, East and West. I went to two Unity Schools. I have friends across all regions. But if there is ever an example of why love is not enough, it is the relationship of Nigeria with its citizens.

I have not yet given up, but my persistence has long become a stubbornness not to leave.

Yet another colleague informed me of his resignation today, and his planned relocation. The second notice in 2 days. Those that have given up do not even spend the time to write about it. They just pack up and leave.

I am thankful for those that still write about their pain. Writing means they have not really given up.

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