A short letter

Dear Kibs,

I have a worry. You seem drawn to sad stories. You tell only the sad stories of your journey, and seek out the sad stories of others. Sadness has become your overarching reality.

When I talk to you, you ask more about what is wrong with me, than what is right with me. If you do same with others, then people continually tell you about what is not going right. It feeds the part of you that is not going right, in a vicious cycle.

You become married to your pain. Unwilling to let it go no matter what.

For a person so brilliant, so pretty and so confident, you carry a needless load of despair.

I had to keep my distance at a point, because it seemed I could not have a conversation with you without being drained.

You need new eyes. The old ones are not serving you well.

All that you see in your life is actually fulfilling your expectations. You need new expectations that serve you.

You are not a failure. You are not failing. You are not depressed. You are not depressing.

You are courageous. You are still here. You are kind. You are here for others too.

Things take longer to happen than we wish they should, and then it all happens at once.

Use your stubbornness to your advantage. Be stubborn with faith in yourself. It will all come together in a surprising and exciting way.

I am here whenever you need a refresh.

With joy,

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