Today, I dialed my dad’s numbers. As expected none was reachable. But it felt good to see his name on my phone again.

I made a critical decision today. I felt the urge to discuss it with him. He had a way of making me grow taller in his presence.

Hey dad, it’s Osasu again. I love you. I am working to make sure all in our squad are taken care of. It gets hard sometimes, but you showed it’s possible.

Mum is still mum. Prayerful.
Ighodaro is still Ighodaro. Free.
Efosa is still Efosa. Deep.
Esosa is still Esosa. Happy.
I am still here. Resolute.

I miss you, but I can tell whenever you visit.

I am thankful for the privilege of calling you dad.

One thought on “Dad

  1. Hmmm… Sir, PARENTS are priceless oo but quite unfortunate that my mum left me like this thinking and battling challenges of life alone.I am really missing her space in my life as moms are more closer to male child just like my own case.She died being diabetic after many years of managing it. Man composes but God disposes. I celebrate with you and share in your joy sir. ” MUM IS STILL MUM-PRAYERFUL” Cheers Sir

    Seun Olatinwo

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