Your best

Don’t do the best of your ability. Do the best of what is required. Do all that is necessary.

Too many people nurture mediocrity in their lives under the pretense of “I did my best.”

Bullshit. Excuse my swearing.

You cannot possibly know you have done your best. No one knows their best. Your best is not a dot, it is a moving line.

Give it all, and your output will amaze you. Your all is never final, it continually improves.

– Osasu Oviawe

2 thoughts on “Your best

  1. I will give it all my ABILITY to get things done for AMAZING result as i always wanted.I learnt something new again this morning.Thanks and God bless Sir.

    Seun Olatinwo

  2. Profound, I wrote a self note similar to this last year;

    “Don’t just do your best, do what is required, and then do more.

    Sometimes your best is below what is required, so doing what you call your best will actually be doing below standard.”

    Thanks for sharing.

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