People can tell if you are being sincere.

Which is why the best con artists first have to believe what they’re selling. They first practice self-delusion, before trying out the illusion on others.

I have seen people say and do the right things, yet they are not trusted.

I have seen people say and do the wrong things, yet remain trusted.

I always believed trust was hinged on competence and character. However, I have noticed more and more that trust is hinged more on the perception of sincerity.

I had a discussion with a friend today where she described someone I respect a lot as “slimy.” In her words, “he says and does all the right things, but it is for his self-interest, with no altruistic motive. His greatest trick is to make people feel he cares.”

I guess I fell for the illusion too, because thinking deeply, I found the end game to align with my friend’s insight.

I have decided my next project will be a full course in human psychology. It is just too fascinating not to drink deep.

– Osasu Oviawe

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