The more you know, the less you say.

As you begin to realise the limits of understanding and the limitlessness of misunderstanding, you are inclined to carefully choose your words.

Leaders are always walking a tight rope between being sincere and being misunderstood.

As a leader, you always know more than you can say.

What I have found with the greatest leaders is that they tell their people what they can share and what they can’t share. It exposes a vulnerability, as most people equate being able to say all you know, think or feel as power.

In showing the limits of their communication, they choose sincerity over manipulation.

It is not an easy choice.

Most leaders kick the can down the road by making up diversionary logical stories in a bid to manipulate. They understand it is impossible to share all they know, but they are uncomfortable with the gap it creates, so they fill it with empty words. Empty words that leave them hollow.

Great leaders choose to either be candid or keep mum. It is okay not to be able to share all you know at any point in time.

Like with most things in life, “why”, “what”, “how”, “where” or “who”, are not as important as “when”.

Speak only when it is necessary and speak your truth.

– Osasu Oviawe

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