Dishonest, but not greedy

Alex went to a bar for some drinks. He usually starts up with cocktails, then progressively moves to the driest vodkas.

He was new to the bar and as it is hard to go wrong with a margarita, whatever part of the world you’re in, he ordered for one. It took a while to get it done, but he had time. When it was finally served, one sip showed him he was wrong to assume no one could get a margarita wrong. He smiled, and sipped. At least it would not kill him, hopefully.

After the drink, Alex decided he would move straight to vodka. He needed to quickly reset his mood. But he had a policy to always pay as he goes. After every glass or bottle, he pays before ordering another.

The waiter said the bill for the margarita was 5K. He counted the cash and handed it over. The waiter counted it and pointed out that he actually gave her 6K instead of 5K. “An honest lady”, he thought, and let her have the extra 1K as a tip.

While sipping his vodka, a friend stopped by, and after exchanging pleasantries, Alex asked what she would like to have. “A margarita” was the unsurprising response. He looked around for his waiter, but she was not in sight, so he motioned to someone else to come around, placed the order and kept on gisting.

The margarita which arrived had a different hue from his. He could bet it would taste even worse. But his friend seemed not to mind. Tastes depend on experiences.

Before the new waiter could leave, he gave her 5K for the margarita. She returned 2K and said the margarita was 3K!

“Damn, so his waiter was not so honest after all. She was dishonest, but not greedy. An interesting combo. Humans are complicated.” Alex thought with a frown.

His friend noticed a change in his mood and enquired on what the matter was. He shared the experience.

The best thing you can do as a guy is tell a female friend of an injustice you have suffered. They will treat it like someone almost killed you. Ladies do not like being cheated, especially when money is involved.

The waiter was in for it, but somehow she never showed up again till the end of the vodka.

His friend decided she would take it up with the manager, in spite of Alex’s pleas to the contrary.

In the end, the entire 2K that was paid on top of the 3K, plus the 1K tip, was refunded.

Alex thought to himself – “It is time to get married. I need a woman that I can report the world to, and watch her crush it.”

– Osasu Oviawe

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