Be kind to yourself

You are not failing in life. You are struggling with some aspects of life. The struggle builds muscle for a time that will come in the future. The pain you feel is just the process of muscle building. It is uncomfortable, but if you keep going, it becomes a beautiful story. You are a beautiful story.

You are not dumb. You are courageously opening yourself up to new learning. Like strangers, things looks strange until you unwrap them curiosity. Your curiosity might not lead you down a well-beaten path. The road less travelled requires more deliberate steps. It might seem slow, but that is what first movers go through. You are a first mover.

You are not lost. You are in a new territory, without a map. The maps you currently see were made by people before you, who had no maps. You are the pen that draws the territory based on your conscious experiences. Be here. The maps you see in the hands of others, apply to a territory you are not in. You can use other maps to learn the standard signs and symbols that convey meaning, but you must find your own peaks, valleys, plains, slopes, lakes, rivers, seas. Someone somewhere will someday find meaning through your map. Draw what you see to the scale you see. You are a cartographer.

Be kind to yourself. We are all still figuring out different aspects of life.

– Osasu Oviawe

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