Past failures

Today, I received a small gift from my past self.

I once had a breakdown in January 2017. It seemed like the worst way to start a year. We lost significant time, and had to jump into a troubleshooting process we had no clue about.

Long before the breakdown, we saw the signs, and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was already invited to help resolve, but visa issues made it impossible for them to arrive. They also refused to share the procedure for resolution, saying it was too technical.

With the breakdown, the OEM was forced to send the procedure and provide remote support, as it was now impractical for us to wait. It took us 2 days to resolve, with our hearts in our mouth.

The same signs showed up today in my new location. The entire experience from the past rushed back in, and a solution was provided in no time.

I am thankful for past failures that gift future success.

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