Memory lane

Some years ago, there was a senior colleague I noticed always left his door open.

One day, I walked up to him to ask why. He shared with me that it was a part of his open door policy. He explained that removing the hindrance of a shut door or a need to knock, would ensure those who need to see him just walk in.

I asked him when he started the “literal” open door policy. He said about a year ago. I asked if the number of people visiting him have increased since he started it. He looked at me puzzled. It was the first time he was having to think about the impact of his beautiful idea. When he finally came around to himself, he replied, “Actually people now come to my office less.”

That was the last day he left his office door open. There was no more point in it.

Open doors do not attract people. It is who or what is in a room that either attracts or keeps people away.

– Osasu Oviawe

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