A miracle before me

A child picked a keg of premium motor spirit (PMS), instead of the keg of dual purpose kerosene (DPK), and turned the content into the local stove until brimful.

She proceeded to get a matchbox, took out a matchstick, and started striking to start a fire.

But the fire wouldn’t start. Not even a spark. After going through several matchsticks, the frustrated girl walks to her father to come and help her.

When the dad got to the stove, the strong smell of PMS hit him. He took the matchbox from his daughter before checking the stove. True to his suspicion, it was PMS.

He broke down in tears, giving thanks to God. His daughter was perplexed and started crying too.

He drew her to himself and explained the miracle of the matchstick not lighting. It would have been an explosion with no limit to what the impact might have been, especially as the PMS keg was still open by the side.

I was told this story by the girl some years ago. That girl is my mum.

Sometimes, not having a spark is a blessing.

– Osasu Oviawe

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